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 Whether you’re a company, college, or consultant, BPMA sponsorship puts you in front of one of America’s largest product management and product marketing communities.

BPMA Snapshot (based on 2014-15 numbers):

Our events:

  • 10 monthly meetings per year.
    Average attendance: 4
  • 55 half-day workshops per year.
    Average attendance: 15 
  • 12 Product Executive’s Forums per year.
    Average attendance: 20

Our reach:
  • 6,500+ on mailing list
  • 200+ on executive mailing list
  • 54% of mailing list are registered members
  • 3,500+ registered members
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Brand management
  • Business Analysis
  • Sales

  • 61% of membership in high tech, IT, internet and software industries
  • Other industries include: healthcare, security, and services

Learn more about how sponsorship can benefit you:

 Corporate Sponsorship    Service Provider Sponsorship   Academic Sponsorship 
If your company employs product managers and marketers, sponsorship will help you grow your talent.   Put your services and events in front of your target audience.
  Invest in your students’ careers, your faculty’s resources, and promote your executive programs.


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What sponsors are saying:

“Proficientz has been a sponsor of the BPMA since 2004 and it has always provided great value to its sponsors by continually innovating and introducing new programs, formats and events to keep members engaged and grow the membership.  The BPMA has always made a tremendous effort to reach out to its sponsors and solicit input for increasing the value of our sponsorship.  We continue to get a great return on our sponsorship investment and plan to sponsor the BPMA for years to come.”

John Mansour, Managing Partner, Proficientz

We Would Like to Thank Our Sponsors