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How to Sell Your Roadmap Without Selling Your Soul
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By Tench Forbes

Posted April 27, 2013


Software start-up companies need to carefully manage their technical product development for their largest customers. If the large customers gain too much information about, and control over the start-up’s roadmap, the start-up risks becoming a captive R&D house.

Mark Suster, in the subject article on Both Sides of the Table, describes a process whereby the start-up company can share and manage roadmap details with a small group of key "platinum” customers. Basically, these customers are offered special access to the start-up’s technical development process in return for concessions, including schedule and price.

Category: Planning, Analysis and Strategy


Tench Forbes is a Strategic Product Marketing professional focused on gaining global market share for highly technical products. His particular specialty is the positioning of electro-mechanical engineered products in mature, B2B markets, worldwide. Currently, he is a Senior Product Manager for Agilent Technologies




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