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Product Marketing & Demand Creation
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Product Marketing & Demand Creation

Must Know Marketing for Product Managers - July 2013 Practitioner's Workshop Q&A

By Tench Forbes

Abstract:This post contains Q&A with Alyssa Dver, a thought leader, hands-on practitioner of efficient marketing, and author of No Time Marketing. The Q&A summarizes the discussion during her Workshop on Must Know Marketing for Product Managers.

Must Know Marketing for Product Managers: Some information for the July Practitioners’ Workshop

By Tench Forbes

Abstract: In BPMA’s July workshop, Alyssa Dver will provide useful tools for managers and business owners to evaluate all aspects of product marketing. This blog provides some background information in preparation for this event.

Creating an Effective B2B Product message - Some Background Information

By Tench Forbes

This post provides some background information for the May, 2013 event...B2B Product Messaging: In 60 seconds or less - What does your product do, and why should I care? Specifically, it provides some links to an article on the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, and also an article on what B2B marketers can learn from B2C marketers.

How LoJack's New Product Saved Faye Jones

By Neil Baron

Lojack is an acknowledged technology leader, with well established skills selling and marketing to the auto industry. However Lojack encountered significant hurdles when it introduced into the medical device market a bracelet designed for locating missing persons with Alzheimer's, autism or other cognitive impairments. In this fascinating case study, Neil Baron shares methods he used to help Lojack overcome obstacles and accelerate market adoption for its new product line.

Educating Your Sales Force for a Successful Product Launch

By Alan Houser

Transferring knowledge from Product Management and Development to Sales is critical to a successful launch. How do you win the hearts and minds of the sales force? In this idea-filled article, a panel of product and market strategists exchanged best practices, tips and techniques.

Product & Marketing Priorities

By John Mansour

Published by Proficientz Product Portfolio Management on 7 December 2010

Market segments, not individual product strategies, are the best way to establish strategic priorities for product and marketing spend, when looking at two basic questions: where is the short-term revenue coming from, and where is the long-term revenue coming from.

Maximize Product Profitability as the Market Changes

by Lee Shaeffer

Published 14 October 2009 in the AIPMM Product Management Library of Knowledge

As the market for your product matures, have you made the most of a commonly underexploited opportunity – enhancing the product by turning your product into a complete solution for the customer? In this post , Lee Shaeffer reviews basic product-to-solution steps, thinking through the entire value chain, with a case example from mobile.

Buyer Personas: Where (and How!) to Start

By Jeremy Victor

Earlier this year, I wrote a post, Humanize Your Marketing With Buyer Personas, because of what I feel is lacking in a lot of B2B marketing today. That is content – read marketing material of any kind – that is created and crafted in a way that is makes a personal connection and demonstrates a real life understanding of the people to whom the company is trying to market.

Change Your Words

By Jennifer Doctor

The terminology used in marketing collateral can dictate the effectiveness of marketing efforts. The author asks us to re-think the way that we describe our products so that we address the needs of the buyer.

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