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Leadership, Management & Networking
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Leadership, Management & Networking

Book Review: Take Charge Product Management

By Steve Starke

Greg Geracie has written a book intended to help product managers understand the discipline of product management and guide them, step by step, through the process of becoming product leaders. What I liked about this book was that it was not written in a reference format. Instead it was written through the eyes of an engaging fictitious product manager, Sean Knight. It was very easy to relate to the character and follow the journey that Sean was on. Although Sean is a fictitious character, it was clear that Sean's experiences were based upon the author's real-life experiences. As a result the author's guidance is tangible and directly applicable to the corporate world and not based on theory.

Convergence of Product and Portfolio Management

By John Mansour

It's not that Product Management 1.0 principles are wrong. They're just not working as well as they used to. Why? The market landscape is significantly different than it was years ago when formalized product management was much younger. If the product management function is to be influential going forward, the basic principles need to be applied more from a portfolio perspective than a product perspective.

Link to Blog Post - "Product Management in Agile Projects"Recommended by Mark DelfieldTweetThis great interview of Greg Cohen, author of "Agile Excellence for Product Managers", from the Accompa blog provides metrics on time and effort, and for customer counts, so that Product Managers can assess the costs of adopting more "agile" practices. For example, if you are thinking about redefining the PRD in an agile framework, this post can help.

Where Should Product Management Report?

By Steve Johnson

Product managers report into different departments, often depending on the size of the organization. The article also touches on why these reporting choices are made and how they impact various organizations.

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