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Business Models & Distribution
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Business Models & Distribution

Product Revenue & Profitability Goals -- Are they Counterproductive?

By John Mansour

Published 11 January 2011 on the Proficientz website

Organizations with multiple products targeting the same markets force product teams to compete for resources and sales force mind share. By setting market goals instead of product goals, you can accelerate growth and profitability. John Mansour of ZigZag Marketing shares some simple and yet powerful exercises you can do to take a market segment view across all product portfolio.

B2C vs. B2B product management – 16 differences

By Gopal Shenoy

There are major differences between B2C and B2B product management. This post is a useful reference guide for product managers new to B2C, or for existing B2C product managers who want to find ways to reach more customers.

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